Хостинг картинок yapx.ru

My tips


Report 1. How to find Russian affiliates for info courses or softwares.

This is the army of 647,765 partners who are ready to sell your product!


This is the best way to sell your product. No need to invest in advertising, partners use their methods. Through websites, newsletters, advertising in social networks. I myself use this method.

One in the field is not wars.

The most important thing here is to suggest a good idea. Examples: courses about earnings, discounts, travel, etc.


Хостинг картинок yapx.ruХостинг картинок yapx.ru

Or just order a service.

 After buying the course, there will be nothing more to buy. It is not necessary to create a product to access. All this is done in your personal account.

How do i use it?

i am a seller. I create courses with an affiliate link of English products.

Suitable for digital goods. The report contains a pdf file with screenshots. 


 Report 2. How to promote goods in Russian social networks.

For physical goods. Thanks to advertising in social networks, you can get a large audience reach. Here you can also advertise courses on earnings in the Internet, but sometimes administrators simply block them. But not always.

You can suggest a task and the group administrators will find you.

Just upload a photo, insert a link and the task is done!

Advertisement will be shown in 2 social networks: vk.com, ok.ru. 

Хостинг картинок yapx.ru

Хостинг картинок yapx.ru



Хостинг картинок yapx.ru


Screen 1    Screen 2 Screen 3

Views are taken into account only in the tape of events, and so the coverage of the audience is huge.

Or order a publication service in a thematic group or community.


Also included:

2 )How to find clients who are interested in your services.

I'll tell you about another way to sell educational materials. We are talking about exhibiting goods on freelance sites. Section-training courses. A very large site dedicated to traffic, business. Only target customers. You can find everything in the site promotion area.

It works like a Fiverr. Translate the training course and make a profit.


 3) I'll tell you how to find customers in any area.

This will require access to the platform. There is a test period -3 days, or you can buy an account just for 3 days for 2 dollars.
Finds all target paying customers for the last 3 days who have made any requests for services or goods. Basically, these are clients from social networks. You will not be able to retrieve emails.

The platform will give access to such people. I use the scope of online business. A frequent request is to create a logotype, for example.


My marketing services for online sales in Russia 

Step 1. Creating a digital product with  affiliate link for your product.

What am I doing?

I myself personally create my product, this includes an overview of your business idea. Themes can be any. Also, if you follow the link to this site, you can see what products are already being spun by me.

Suitable for small projects. You can take the topic of earnings, discounts, travel, paid review of any product. I create a product-selling text + text after purchase (3 thousand words). After installation on the site, the product automatically passes moderation, and the payment button is valid. But if you want to participate in teaser ads you must have 2 moderation. Goods are not all. 

If moderation passes, then you can automatically advertise your ads on thousands of sites. In the event that the goods fail, I create an advertising line on a blog with attendance of up to 30 K visitors per day on your topic. The line is set to 1 day. If you want fast sales-the price should be from 1-3 dollars. You can also view detailed information on my blog in the photo gallery.


Also included in the order price is a domain, hosting, payment for an advertising line or teaser advertisement, text translation, opening a website account, opening an e-mail. Add the addresses of the wallets yourself. Order requires text, photo, description after purchase. Information for downloads for buyer will be in pdf file in drive.google.com.

More information see in gallary pics.
Examples https://yapx.ru/v/CPDJe   https://yapx.ru/v/CPDKq

Step 2. Creating the same product with a price of up to 15 $ for russian  Top affiliates

Хостинг картинок yapx.ru


Example . 

Хостинг картинок yapx.ru

if you have questions before order ,please contact with me.


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Step 2.

I will message your information to TOP internet- partners. 5+

For Jvzoo, Clickbank  and another sellers. 


All partners have experience in Internet Marketing,

They can promote everything.  For earnings books, softwares.

You should have your own page only, a page for registration of your partner, or you can just tell about you product. 

Each partner decides whether to promote or not. These are Russian partners, but English is no problem. If the product is good, then there is no problem to promote it.
Each partner has his own strategy.


What i will do?

There is mailing with recommendation of your product from my personal account in website, not emailing .
 The results are given in the form of screenshots or video.

Webpages can be accepted  in English. If translation no ,  i will translate.

I have more 30 Top partners  in system.


After order, possible, as me will get new affialtes from Russia, get a lot of backlinks.

Хостинг картинок yapx.ru



I am also the creator of training courses, and since there are no many courses and programs on the Internet, I create a product and point out my affiliate link to an English product. It turns out a review of the goods and my result in practice. Perhaps at first you will not receive an answer to your letter, but the partner will surely melt and think it over. Because course creators are looking for new ideas. The most important thing is to write the correct letter with a clear explanation of your thoughts. Subject may be earnings, programs, and so on. I am also an experienced marketer, but I confess honestly that I don’t know much. New offers are constantly appearing on the Internet.

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Advertising line for the website. 4+

For CPA and earnings websites

I create an advertising line on a blog with attendance of up to 30 K visitors per day on your topic. Accept any legal websites.




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Advertising line for admins of websites( more 30k websites) available


For Jvzoo sellers and affiliates


Showing time of your ad is paid. 
It is posted on all websites of the platform.

The platform consists of more than 30,000 websites.
Approximate number of the ad views is from 100,000 to 500,000 views. The ad is shown randomly. 
It will be published for 7 days.

The ad is shown inside my personal account, that is, the ad will be seen only by administrators of websites.

Report: There is an access to statistics on the number of clicks and views after 7 days.

The best topics for promotion  are backlinks, templates, graphics and others. Information about a website promotion will be useful for you.



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I will put your gig on the Russian freelance website like as Fiverr

For best promotion use ebooks(ex. traffic) with translation into Russian or use my translation service


I will exhibit your gig on a popular Russian website dedicated to internet marketing.

Topics include backlinks, village, logos, etc. All that is popular on fiverr.
The price can be set to any, the popular price of $ 7 or 500 rubles.

To create a gig, you must provide complete product information with examples of your work, so that the customer does not ask many questions and immediately placed an order.

Soon the site will have an English interface. The site is actively developing. This may be a translation for example.

There is no competition if you use English services.

If you decide to make an order, then write clearly what you want, as many English-speaking services are unfamiliar to me.


 Option 2. Placing your service in social networks.

This is a very good way to talk about yourself and your services. The service must be in Russian. If it is in English, then moderation will not pass. Here, often, many products block. The page must contain the contact details. It is advisable to create a page in Russian with redirection to the English site. Or you can create your own page in a social network and enter your data there. Courses about earnings, fortune telling, faith, binary options, forex, casino, something that can spoil the reputation- no. Basically the same rules as on any normal sites. Before you place an order, email me your service, I will install it in test mode and see if it passes or not. If it is blocked, then I write the reason. So again. How it all goes you pay for the order and I create advertising.
I advertise physical goods, translation services. They pass.
You can order the first or second option.


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I will give advice on how to promote a digital product in Russia based on my methods.

I will show what type of traffic is best used for the product, prices, what results you can get. You need a theme, link, screenshots, the price of your product.

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