How to make money by trading currencies on Forex or binary options?

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Currency? Price? Job??? What is it ?


The profession of a currency trader is, perhaps, one of the few that guarantees a normal salary regardless of the economic situation in the country.


Traders have neither subordinates, nor superiors, they work alone. 

You do not have to be constantly afraid of competition, because there is enough place for everyone on the world currency market.

In this business, you do not have to deal with a large army of officials. If you master this profession, employment will be guaranteed to you. 

You can also combine, without giving up the main place of work. Due to the 24-hour market work, you can trade everytime you are free. During the weekends the market does not work.

 You can work from Monday to Friday.

Sex, education does not matter.

This is not a casino, there are methods of analyzing the market, there is an opportunity to gain experience.

Of course, there is a risk in trading, as you will use your money. There can be both profit and loss.
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If you are interested, I will offer you my strategy.

Moreover, in order not to lose your money, it is possible to practice on a demo account.
For this kind of work you need only time, desire, and Internet.

Own business, without leaving home, is the dream of many people, isn't it?

An example of the trading on a demo account  in a video.

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Or you can use 8h period. Work well,because no news in the begining of day. If want can see 1 day period. Need open trades only in the begining of day for Forex (any country) till 8h candle. 

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My method :

I use instaforex broker but Instaforex dont work with Usa, etc . Only Russia. Use for Forex and binary options. 

 1)   Without martingale. You can trade ( open) at the convenient time.

2) Expiration time - 1 day or 8 h. (8h without news) 8h-better!

3) Trading Monday - Friday.

4) Only 1 strategy in detail. For non-Russian people recommend use 1 day period or use determine my time zone.

5) Dont use indicators, signals. 

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Full version. Only strategy. 


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Or can give signals. 30 usd in month.

Accept paypal . Paypal adrress

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