How to make money by trading currencies on Forex or binary options? 

Only 15-30 minutes every day!



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Or you can use 8h period. Work well,because no news in the begining of day. If want can see 1 day period. Need open trades only in the begining of day for Forex (any country) till 8h candle. 

How do i determine my time zone? click here


26 of Feb. Screenshot    Result        27 of Feb   Result       28 of Feb   Result    1, 2 of March. Result

5 of March  6-7 of March  8 of March 12 of March 13 of March

You can see my results in my Russian groap. Click here

If you broker charts =, you can use this strategy!

My method :

I use instaforex broker but Instaforex dont work with Usa, etc . Only Russia. Use for Forex and binary options. 

 1)   Without martingale with 8.00- 16.00.  If with 00.00- 8.00 maybe martingail.

2) Expiration time - 1 day or 8 h.  8h-better!

                                                   3) Trading Monday - Friday. Dont use indicators, signals. 

Time charts between Russia and Usa. click here

How do i determine my time zone? click here


Full version  - 37 usd


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