How To Make Money By Trading Currencies On Forex ? 

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An Example Of The Trading .


Examples. New version.

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26 of Feb. Screenshot    Result        27 of Feb   Result       28 of Feb   Result    1, 2 of March. Result

5 of March  6-7 of March  8 of March 12 of March 13 of March

You can see my results in my Russian groap. Click here

If you broker charts =, you can use this strategy!


Last results . Competition . here

My method :

I use instaforex broker but Instaforex dont work with Usa, etc . Only Russia. Can use for Forex and binary options. 

1) Expiration time - 1 day or 8 h.  8h-better!

                                                         2) Trading Monday - Friday. Dont use indicators, signals. 

Time charts between Russia and Usa. click here

How do i determine my time zone? click here


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Income Disclaimer:

This illustration is only for educational purposes and is not intended to serve as a guarantee of income. Success in trading binary options requires hard work, discipline and proper money management skills.

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