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Report 1. How to find Russian affiliates for info courses or softwares.

This is the army of 647,765 partners who are ready to sell your product!


This is the best way to sell your product. No need to invest in advertising, partners use their methods. Through websites, newsletters, advertising in social networks. I myself use this method.

One in the field is not wars.

The most important thing here is to suggest a good idea. Examples: courses about earnings, discounts, travel, etc.


Хостинг картинок yapx.ruХостинг картинок yapx.ru

Or just order a service.

 After buying the course, there will be nothing more to buy. It is not necessary to create a product to access. All this is done in your personal account.

How do i use it?

i am a seller. I create courses with an affiliate link of English products.

Suitable for digital goods. The report contains a pdf file, video + letter templates.


 Report 2. How to promote info courses in Russian social networks.

For physical goods. Thanks to advertising in social networks, you can get a large audience reach. Here you can also advertise courses on earnings in the Internet, but sometimes administrators simply block them. But not always.

You can suggest a task and the group administrators will find you.

Just upload a photo, insert a link and the task is done!

Advertisement will be shown in 2 social networks: vk.com, ok.ru. 

Хостинг картинок yapx.ru

Хостинг картинок yapx.ru



 An example of statistics from the group "science and development".

Total on the page was 23 thousand views, this is only in the chronicle. Costs-$ 5. Subscribers are 153 k.

The total coverage of the post is 196 k, including likes, reposts.

Screen 1    Screen 2

Views are taken into account only in the tape of events, and so the coverage of the audience is huge.

Or order a publication service in a thematic group or community.


Report 3. How to find clients who are interested in your services.


I'll tell you about another way to sell educational materials. We are talking about exhibiting goods on freelance sites. Section-training courses. A very large site dedicated to traffic, business. Only target customers. You can find everything in the site promotion area.

Хостинг картинок yapx.ruIt works like a Fiverr. Buyers order something from you, then you send it. Every minute some order is made. The English version of the site will be ready soon.

Price can be set any. Popular price -7 dollars. The main buyers are people interested in online business. Translate the training course and make a profit.

Bonus I'll tell you how to find customers in any area. This will require access to the platform. There is a test period -3 days, or you can buy an account just for 3 days for 2 dollars.

What does this system do?

Finds all target paying customers for the last 3 days who have made any requests for services or goods. Basically, these are clients from social networks. You will not be able to retrieve emails.

The platform will give access to such people. I use the scope of online business. A frequent request is to create a logotype, for example.

Clothing, where you can find cheaper.
Spheres: travel, clothing, business, needlework, entertainment. Send a letter with a link to the site and ready.

Payment from customers. Popular system-webmoney. It has English interface. But mostly people pay with cards. Connect paypal. I pay also, this problem does not arise.



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