Хостинг картинок yapx.ru

 My tips

How to translate into Russian without knowing Russian?

In fact, it used to be a problem. Not now. There are translators, but also a novelty. This program translates into any language with accuracy. I tried to translate from English to Russian-the result surprised me. Compared the translation through Google and Yandex translator, translation with the help of this program gives good results. Everything works in the browser, you do not need to download anything. Anyone can figure it out. Recommend! 



2) my statistics from a personal account on sales.

Created courses with affiliate link with jvoo. What it looks like. Also, my site is approved for teaser ads. All clicks in the personal account are targeted, those who are interested in online earnings.  I am currently using a free account. On a free account, you can add only 5 products. Since I do not see the need for a paid account. On a free account, you can set the price up to 15 dollars.

Хостинг картинок yapx.ru


Хостинг картинок yapx.ru

Now I have also connected an affiliate program, since I want to use partners from another site. This site can not give partners, only buyers. Further I will do advertising on top partners who can promote it. If the product is good, then go fast promotion.

But if you want to sell quickly, set the price to $ 1. For 1 dollar, people quickly buy up. According to statistics, it is clear that people were interested in this topic. If the price were one dollar, I would earn at least $ 200 a day. Shopping depends on the price of goods.

If you want to order from me a service to install your product on this site-think about pricing. This site has only targeted traffic. There is also an option-to make your product invisible after adding, it will be on the site, but will not be available in the product catalog. This is necessary in order to redirect traffic from another site.

To host the site, one landing page is required, the product itself is uploaded to drive.google.com Here are the most important ways to promote digital products. Also, digital goods can be promoted through the freelance exchange. Price can be set any. 


 3) What is the payment system used in the Internet?

Mostly, people pay with a bank card visa, mastercard. Recently, qiwi wallet is very popular. To open, you only need a mobile phone, and then you transfer it to the card instantly. Popular: Yandex money, webmoney (has English interface). There are no problems with the conclusion. I also use paypal wallet. Everything is very convenient.


4) promotion of services in social networks.
As I wrote before, courses about earnings are blocked. Mostly, people advertise services. These are sales of bed linen, the creation of paintings, photo curtains, etc. For example, I advertise differently. You can take any page on the subject and insert your banner, this type of advertising is suitable. I use this program. It works on Facebook.
In the future I will show my result.


 For sellers or partners with Jvzoo.
 A good way to talk about their products. All information is published in the personal account of site administrators. You can offer what site owners need to promote their sites. This is a billing audience, so you can set your prices.
Sample stats. Advertise product taken with Jvzoo.


An example of statistics from the section "advertising line in the header of the site ''. A user visiting your site will see your advertisement, and then decide to click or not. If you use the product for one dollar, you can also get sales.

 The advertising line is also suitable for advertising digital goods, in the event that the goods are blocked in social networks. For advertising in this case it’s best to use the price of one dollar. On this service, you can find popular blogs on various topics: construction, business, recipes. But there are also many sites created just for advertising. We must look carefully. Payment advertising goes for shows. The normal price is 30 cents per 1000  hits. Guaranteed ad views. Since advertising is in the most prominent place. Moderation is easy. Sell ​​the information that you can sell for one dollar.

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