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 My tips

How to translate into Russian without knowing Russian?

In fact, it used to be a problem. Not now. There are translators, but also a novelty. This program translates into any language with accuracy. I tried to translate from English to Russian-the result surprised me. Compared the translation through Google and Yandex translator, translation with the help of this program gives good results. Everything works in the browser, you do not need to download anything. Anyone can figure it out. Recommend! 


 You can order a book with full results of promotion. You can choose your own strategy for sales in the Russian Internet. Or you can simply order services by viewing the approximate results.




My statistics from my personal account 

Created courses with affiliate link from Jvoo. Lingoblaster

 I exhibited my product with my affiliate link on a large website. Passed 2 moderation. The first one is created automatically, but in order for the product to start participating in teaser ads it is necessary to pass the second moderation. The second moderation was 2 weeks, after that I received a letter in the mail that your product successfully passed the moderation and now you can add it to the teaser advertisement.
I had no problems with that. Very different themes are popular here. Real visitors, site without glitches. VIP accounts before the New Year are distributed for pennies. This is a site tradition.

Payments are made automatically. The site works well. Accepts Yandex money, WebMoney, Qiwi wallet, payeer. For foreign users, it is better to use WebMoney and payeer. Qiwi is also a very simple wallet. To open you must have a phone number. But I can not say how it works in other countries. Payment is automatic. With the conclusion of the problems should not arise. If there is a problem, then there are bestchange.com exchangers.

Initially, if you want to get the best sales use a small price of 2-3 dollars. After a temporary promotion, the price can be raised and sent to partners from another site. If you put the goods there, then I did not notice any special effect. One plus is the opportunity to acquire partners.

The best topic is how to buy cheap something, how to make money quickly in an honest way.

Also, my site is approved for teaser ads. All clicks in the personal account are targeted, those who are interested in online earnings.  I am currently using a free account.

On a free account, you can add only 5 products. Since I do not see the need for a paid account.

On a free account, you can set the price up to 15 dollars.

Хостинг картинок yapx.ru


Хостинг картинок yapx.ru

Now I have also connected an affiliate program, since I want to use partners from another site. This site can not give partners, only buyers. Further I will do advertising on top partners who can promote it. If the product is good, then go fast promotion.

But if you want to sell quickly, set the price to $ 1. For 1 dollar, people quickly buy up. According to statistics, it is clear that people were interested in this topic. If the price were one dollar, I would earn at least $ 200 a day. Shopping depends on the price of goods.

If you want to order from me a service to install your product on this site-think about pricing. This site has only targeted traffic. There is also an option-to make your product invisible after adding, it will be on the site, but will not be available in the product catalog. This is necessary in order to redirect traffic from another site.

To host the site, one landing page is required, the product itself is uploaded to drive.google.com Here are the most important ways to promote digital products. Also, digital goods can be promoted through the freelance exchange. Price can be set any. 

 As a result, my training course with an affiliate link from Lingoblaster was accepted. Moderation has been more than 2 weeks. Since this was a newly created product, so I set the minimum price. But, then promised to raise the price. Next, my second stage should be sending to top partners taken from another service.
At the first stage after the launch of teaser advertising, 1 sale has already been received, more than 70 target transitions.


Хостинг картинок yapx.ru

This site is needed for more to get an affiliate link for partners.

 Of course, you can set a higher price for the product need to buy a Vip account .

About the second site: I used to display goods there, but now I have closed everything. But I have my partners there. For traffic in this service I can not say that there are a lot of people there, basically, this site is for partners. Technical support did not suit me, there were always problems. So I decided to remove all products there. Only partners remained.
On my website, where the goods are put up, the traffic goes top, there is also an opportunity to submit teaser ads.

Order Now


 But the question arises.

Why do so many digital product partners work there? The answer is simple.

- you can put any price on the product;

- for each partner you can set your own commission.

Strict moderation of goods. Constantly blocking goods. Frequent reasons for blocking-this is little information, lack of video lessons. To pass moderation-must be a video with copyright sound to confirm copyright. Good sales are coming from this site. This order is not executed through Fiverr, as it may take a long time. Paid after completing the entire job. All questions by email. If you want to quickly make a profit, popular topics: making money on the Internet.



2) promotion of services in social networks.
As I wrote before, courses about earnings are blocked. Mostly, people advertise services. These are sales of bed linen, the creation of paintings, photo curtains, etc. For example, I advertise differently. You can take any page on the subject and insert your banner, this type of advertising is suitable. I use this program. It works on Facebook.
In the future I will show my result.

Of course, those who promote courses on earnings or on how to build a business, such topics are blocked and admins do not skip on social networks. Where allowed, there is paid traffic and not quality.


But how to make your advertising live long on the Internet?

You can also do so. I want to advise one program that I bought on jvzoo. I liked this program. It works like Facebook, also with us. The essence of this program: take the most popular content, the page is masked into a separate domain name, then you can insert your banner. 
 I tried to create a page, but my banner was blocked again. I had to work differently. The banner was on the topic of translation. I had to use this program in a different way. This program has the ability to substitute a banner. Suppose we have created a banner on the theme of games. This is not earnings, so such advertisements will be missed. But I am not interested in the games, then we delete this banner in the program and insert our banner into the same link. Also before this we delete the task on the exchange after placement.


As a result, after deleting, we got our own page with a banner that walks on the Internet. Of course, you can use the usual advertising. But, as a rule, advertising is not often liked, respectively, the audience coverage is small. It's best to use popular content. The reach of the audience will be much greater.

I will tell about one more secret. If you want to buy advertising on the stock exchange, then use repost. Since admins put up regular advertising for one day, then they have the right to remove it. Therefore, it is better to use repost, all likes, comments will be received by the author of the content, but not the admin. Even if the admin removes your advertisement, the page will already be walking on the Internet. To use this method, you must open an account on the social network and create a group. The group may even contain only one post.

Popular content can take from the site http://adme.ru. It is from here that I take the popular pages and insert my banner into the program.
If you use video, then advertising should be invisible. I do not use video.


Example. Test page. Uploaded today. 

Хостинг картинок yapx.ru

Share or reposts- 24, views- 205

All this was advertising in communities. But you can also order advertising in groups. The post is located in the section-to offer news. Moderation is easier there. But neither such a large audience as in the communities. Simply order the newsletter in groups.


After 5 days without ads and posting

Хостинг картинок yapx.ru


Shares- 22, but 475 views.

If you are interested you can order service - posting in social groaps, content can take from www.adme.ru

If you want as me , send me a message and order here

 If you want to serve ads in this way, then it is possible to advertise in groups, and advertising in the form of ordinary posts.



What is the difference between the usual posts from the repost with paid advertising?

If you decide to submit advertising in paid advertising using posts, then according to the rules of advertisers, the post is deleted after 24 hours. If the post had any likes, reposts then they are automatically lost. The way out of this situation is to create a repost in your group, copy the link and only then can you submit to advertising. The post is saved, your information is walking on the social network. Therefore, many advertisers do just that. With this method above, the method does not work. Unable to create ads as a redirect. The same rule as Facebook on paid advertising. This type of advertising only works in regular groups, not communities! In groups you can advertise any information!

Or you can order just repost. . The coverage is good. A large number of reposts and likes quickly index the group. During the week it usually turns out to be in the first position.

Хостинг картинок yapx.ru

And there is no need to submit expensive advertising in communities. I think using reposts you can get good quality traffic, and improve the position of your group. You can advertise any information. 

By the way, when people search for work and drive in a search, they often appear in the first place-groups. You can simply create a group on the topic of work-buy likes, reposts, comments-get your group in the first place for a particular city. So visitors too. These methods work.



I also have another cheap service-to share the record on a personal page. I have my own database of people who publish posts on my page. Only 50 people.

One person has from 8 thousand friends. They can post your entry on their wall. Reach your audience will get much more than even with paid advertising in communities or groups. And the service costs only 5 dollars. The recording will stop forever.

Therefore, I recommend publishing a post without redirects. Must be text and picture. Any legal topic is available. It's just repost, without cheating likes. Views are real.
 The program that I advised to use best on Facebook, as in the paid community will not miss, it can only be in groups. For 5 dollars

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So, you can order advertising in social networks:

-publication in 100 groups or in one community (if moderation passes). ;
-posting-share the entry with subscribers and friends. More than 20 posts. 



Do you need remote workers? Or you can offer work from foreign companies for Russia. Soon

Only quality targeted traffic from a freelance site. The database contains over a million subscribers to this service, plus one day your service will come first. This is the cheapest service compared to other freelancing sites. You can hire a person, or invite by your referral link.


3) How to find hot buyers for any niche in Russian social networks.

Хостинг картинок yapx.ru

in result - all letters was read and only one shopping. Was topic - softs. For russian people works better.



Another methods.
 A good way to talk about their products. All information is published in the personal account of site administrators. You can offer what site owners need to promote their sites. This is a billing audience, so you can set your prices.

Sample stats. Views.

Advertise product taken with Jvzoo.

Хостинг картинок yapx.ru

Only 1518 views, 4 clicks, result- 0.

Not recommend!


An example of statistics from the section "advertising line in the header of the site ''. A user visiting your site will see your advertisement, and then decide to click or not. If you use the product for one dollar, you can also get sales.

Result: not quility traffic, Sales- zero. Not recommend

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