My Rus Services for  Internet-Marketing

Traffic, Backlinks, Seo. My account in Fiverr here

работаI will message your information to TOP internet- partners. 5+

All partners have experience in Internet Marketing,

They can promote everything. 

You should have your own page only, a page for registration of your partner, or you can just tell about you product. 

Each partner decides whether to promote or not. These are Russian partners, but English is no problem. If the product is good, then there is no problem to promote it.
Each partner has his own strategy.
The system  has more than 500k users, more than 5k partners.

What i will do?

There is mailing with recommendation of your product from your personal account.
 The results are given in the form of screenshots.

Webpages can be accepted only in English, Russian.

More 20 top partners  in system.

+ message to my personal partners.


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 Offer banner or text ads on all websites in system. More 1 million users.

You can select the targeting  russia or another. The ads are displayed on any site where the users visit. 

 High CTR .  Not need keywords, email base , not bux, youtube, not need knowledge.

These are people who volunteered to receive advertising.Because of the interest in discounts, good offers, earnings.

 The company checked , also accepts PayPal, says about reliability of the website. The site's interface is Russian.

My service-placement of your announcements include:

  Registration and open an account in service, registation and open open email in Yandex, posting of ads  and payment of 2,000 impressions.

If you want to place a banner ,you must send the banner code in the amount of 728/90 or entry in your language, link to website and suggestions,  IF HAVE 

Suitable for advertising your services, gathering subscribers.

This service is convenient because payments are for impressions and not for clicks to avoid fraud on the part of webmasters.



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There is a newsletter in social groaps with autoposter.

Very nice method! 5 +

I do it for the target audience. You should give me the link, the theme and that’s enough. As the result - the real views in the pages and the absence of bots.

If you will order this option then it would be about 5 thousand hits a day. Warranty post is 1 day. Then an administrator can accept or delete the post. It is usually left. As the order will be executed, I immediately send.

Advertising drugs,medicine, gambling, alcohol are prohibited. Physical goods are demanded by this advertising method.

If you need another topic, services or digital goods choose advertising in groups.


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Advertising line for the web site.

It is placed in the header of the site. Advertising line is placed on the web sites from five thousand per day.
Payment per ten thousand impressions of advertising.



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ads to users vk 5+

A good service for finding clients in social networks. The service offers a large number of topics. You can write directly to your clients, who posted an advertisement for this service. No spam, people are interested by themselves.

Confirmation of the mobile number, opening of a 3-day free account. Replenishment is with the help of visa cards. You can replenish with the help of visa cards.



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Backlinks   5 +

Will create russian backlinks. Examples.

TiC, Spam, traffic, language. Put in profiles.

Хостинг картинок

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