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Real Email Leads from Facebook for any Niche Keyword phrase.

This Software will Generate Tons of 100% Real Email Leads from Facebook for any Niche Keyword phrase.

Facebook Groups are the places for people to share their common interests, express opinion, discuss issues and post relevant content. Today, you will discover the Cheapest way to get a massive amount of Traffic from Facebook Group Members who are interested in your topic.

This Software will take your Social Media Marketing to a new level.


You can search any Niche Keyword in Facebook and collect Real Emails from Relevant Facebook Posts. There is an option to filter Emails from a particular Email client like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, GoogleMail, AOL etc.

You will also be able to select Email Leads from a particular Country, State or City. Then select leads from a Particular Facebook group or page. 

Facebook softwares for 10 usd!

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This is a list of the modules available in the software. With a little description on what they do. And how you can use them for your business.

Include: Facebook Group Commentor, Facebook Fanpage Messenger, Facebook Marketplace Poster,Facebook Group Members Scraper,Facebook Group joiner,Facebook Email Finder and etc


Cool Software!

In the online world, we often hear the phrase “authority sites” to describe websites that have been around a long time, get a lot of traffic, and are known as highly influential...

For examples, sites like the BBC, CNN, and Wikipedia are considered AUTHORITY Websites...

This software  is an easy-to-use service that lets you place overlays(banners) on ANY authority website or article online after share in groaps. Without spam. You take any page and put your ads banner and post in Facebook.

Хостинг картинок

FB Auto Cloaker

This App will enable you to use ANY suitable Image

to Promote ANY offer in Facebook.

This is a Bookmarklet Application you can Insert Directly into your Firefox/Chrome/Opera Browser.


Put Your Live 'Clickable' Links Inside Other Peoples Videos

Monetize Anyones Video in Seconds just like Youtube does… Watch

Sure but you've seen it a hundred times on YouTube… There's one playing above.

Using this software gives you the same features and potential as YouTube ads only without the cost and without the limitations.

That's right, once you have access to software there are zero advertising costs and no restrictions… Yes you really can use other peoples videos & raw affiliate links inside our In-Stream Video Ads

Share  video in groups, pages, timelines, as a message.

Хостинг картинок



Posting Groups and Pages, Timed Auto Campaign Management, Advertising Reports, Online Support and more …

Advertising in open, closed and confidential groups without limitation. Get ahead of the pack with this tool and witness overnight boost in sales. The MaxTraffic Facebook scheduler manages your marketing campaigns and helps attract more sales.

Advertising in thousands of pages on Facebook. Make the most of MaxTrafficsoftware and revolutionize your business performance tremendously. This social media auto poster software is very fantastic and easy to use.


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